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The Pointe Elegantia’s stickers are artsy, durable, colorful and elegant with stylish dance designs. Great benefit is that they are easy to apply and remove with no damage to the pointe shoe. There is no need to dye the pointe shoes anymore, an often time consuming and irreversible process, to give more spice, beauty and color to your pointe shoes. You can always return to your original color pointe shoe. All designs are based on original artworks by Meeke Mutter.

The Pointe Elegantia’s® are produced by Meeke Mutter. She is an artist originally from The Netherlands. She is a painter and dances since she was 8 years old, with a dance break of 10 years doing track and field while working as a communication consultant in The Hague. She came to NYC to paint and study dance at age 36 and came up with the idea to produce beautiful and easy to apply premium pointe stickers to enhance the elegance of dancers.

Meeke: “I had these old pointe shoes I did not want to throw away. A friend suggested to paint them and I did. I started painting many designs bringing my dance calligraphy art onto it, please watch the video. It made me think. The look of the pointe shoe has not changed since 1832. There is so much variation in leotards, legwarmers and skirts for ballet dancers but there is nothing to enhance the elegance and color of the pointe shoe for a performance, class or photo shoot in an easy, fast and affordable way.

I came up with the idea to develop my designs into elegant pointe stickers of premium quality you can apply on the pointe of the shoe, called the Pointe Elegantia’s®.

I made many different designs and think they look really beautiful and elongate the longs legs of the ballerina. It is time for some variation for the pointe shoes, as we already see for dance clothes and costumes. Always the same color pointe shoe is a bit boring: imagine ballerinas only wearing white tutus for all performances all the time. It is nowadays unthinkable.”

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Now available at On Stage Dancewear store in NYC