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How To Use

The premium Pointe Elegantia’s® stickers are easy to apply and remove without damage. They are strong, durable and waterproof. If treated with care they last on average a month depending on how often you use your pointe shoes. They come in two sizes for the bigger pointe shoes (with the curved top line) and smaller (with the straight top line) in glossy or matte.
Please know that both sizes pointe stickers fit in general all pointe shoes so it is more a matter of personal liking if you buy a curved or straight top line. The bigger size stands out more.

How to use?

STEP 1 Please bring the premium pointe stickers on the pointe shoe: the curve of the sticker should follow the curve of your pointe shoe.
STEP 2 Then place both thumbs in the center and rub with both thumbs outwards to the left and right at the same time to remove possible air.
STEP 3 Do this movement from top to bottom.
STEP 4 Dance and peel them off whenever.
The harder the pointe shoe, the smoother the pointe sticker will look with zero air wrinkles. Several dancers said that when your pointe shoe is a bit softer, it is easier to first put on the pointe shoe and then apply the premium sticker of your choice. If you need to pancake your pointe shoes, first apply the pointe stickers, then pancake the pointe shoes.

The pointe stickers do not damage your pointe shoe so you can always return to your original color and state of the pointe shoe. Discover them now.

Now available at On Stage Dancewear store in NYC