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Testimonial 12

The Pointe Elegantia’s® are: Fabulous, creative, colorful, whimsical and delightful!

Testimonial 11

“The vibrant figures of Meeke Mutter’s dance calligraphy seem to spin off the page. It is magical how she captures the joy of dance expression in this two dimension static medium.”

Testimonial 10

“Pure elegant Dancing on the paper just like Meeke Mutter herself!!! I am fortunate to have some of her artwork and I love it!!!”

Testimonial 9

“Meeke had an exhibition in my gallery. The visitors were very much impressed by the fluidity and the precise straight lines, full of movement and personal expression. She sold several pieces!”

Testimonial 8

“Her art is about the magic of dancing. Graceful dancers are painted in beautiful and powerful lines, with a beautiful colorful background. Less is more!”

Testimonial 7

“Meeke creates beautiful paintings in her own unique style. Amazing to see her working. It looks like her hands are dancing on canvas.”

Testimonial 6

“A lot of detail without a lot of detail! Meeke’s dancers are airborne.”

Testimonial 5

“I think her use of colors and color combinations are beautiful and warm. When I see her dancers, I feel happy!
As a mother I know how much joy Meeke experiences when painting and that joy radiates through her art!”

Testimonial 4

“I fell in love with “Valentine’s Rose” by Meeke Mutter. She brings a life to the canvas. I also love “Falling leaves”, Meeke let me use this piece for my dance company’s flyer and poster. “Two princesses” and “The Empress of Nature”, both I own, are also very special. Her work inspires me and I would like to choreograph Ballet for those pieces!”

Testimonial 3

“I so enjoy the vibrant colors and movement in your paintings. It’s like giving people a glimpse into your heart. ❤”